Stonegate Grill Kit

Having an outdoor kitchen lets you transform your backyard into the perfect venue for anything ranging from family gatherings and parties, to classy romantic getaways. The Stonegate Grill Kit lets your modular outdoor kitchen blend in with the classical look and feel of your old world-inspired European patio.



  • 2 Cubes + 3 Layers of Stonegate Wall Block
  • 1 Piece of Uba Tuba Granite 42" x 50"
  • 1 Piece of Uba Tuba Granite 18" x 40"
  • 12 Tubes Masonry Adhesive
  • Grill Not Included

Endurance is important in any hardscaping project.  Stonegate Grill Kit's weather resistant materials and solid build ensures that your outdoor kitchen can last for years under hot summers and the cold winters. The kit's high strength adhesive and the block's interlocking shapes ensures that no block will fall out of place. With six color options, your Stonegate grill will look great in the middle of your brick patio. Choose Autumn for a more rustic overall feel, Granite for neutral tones, or Oak Run for a more natural look.   


The Stonegate Grill Kit comes with an 18"x40" and 42"x50" granite surface, providing plenty of counter space for all your outdoor cooking needs. The kit also has 2 cubes and 3 layers of Stonegate blocks to house huge outdoor kitchen components like the grill and fridge. The kit is designed with easy installation in mind, whether it be done by professionals or a part of a do-it-yourself project.

Available Colors