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Tuscan Paving Stone specializes in Concrete and Travertine Pavers for Driveways and Pool Decks. Remodel Pavers - 


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Tuscan Paving Stone provides high quality paver materials & installation for residential and commercial applications. We offer a wide variety of paver shapes including the all new "Mega Olde Towne" and "Stonehurst".  We also offer Tumbled Travertine Pavers in several shapes including the popular "French Pattern".

For most people, the words "decorative" and "concrete" just don't mix. At Tuscan Paving Stone, we know better and have a simple, cost effective solution. Paving stones are a remarkable material perfect for any and all of your new construction and remodel design needs. Paving stones are durable, colorful and extremely versatile. They come in a wide variety of shapes and finishes including Slate, Cobblestone, Brick or even Marble

Concrete pavers are a 100% manufactured material. They are made with a combination of two main ingredients; cement and aggregate. This has its own benefits in that they can be manufactured and produced to withstand harsh conditions and high traffic areas, unlike stone that it naturally produced.


Another advantage of concrete pavers is that they can be found in almost any color that you could imagine. For color dyes and pigments are added during the manufacturing process to create any color desired.

Natural Stone is an ideal paving material for they are natural, which means that they are durable and strong, and can withstand the harshest of climates. Stone quarries extract the stone from the earth and then they are cut into the shape of pavers for ease of installation. The use of natural stone will always create a rustic, natural appeal. There are thousands of types of natural stone such as; limestone, bluestone, granite, travertine, cantera, marble and flagstone, to name a few.

*$400 online offer available at participating locations only - 800 square feet minimum.

12/01/17 - 200,000